What is AJAX

Date: July 1st, 2008
Author: Ivory Morhuld

This AJAX tutorial will teach you what is AJAX and how to use AJAX programming tools.

AJAX is coming from Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.

AJAX is programming technique combining client JavaScript code and Server-Side HTTP Requests. AJAX stands more popular in 2005 with Google Suggest.

What is AJAX

AJAX is not a radically new programming language, but a new, more efficient way to use existing programming languages to get better, faster and user-friendly web applications.

With AJAX you can send and receive information to and from server on a small parts. You don’t need to get entire web page with new content. AJAX gives you ability to get exact this small part of information which is requested by the client and to put this information in exact place where the information stands for.

In classical Client-Server web application development, user have to fill some web forms, and click on Submit button. Then you have to collect user-data and post this information to the server. Next you have to get some data from a database, put this data in new web page and return this web page to user which looks to user like page-reload. This is old and slower.

What is AJAX

With AJAX, small JavaScript in web page sends HTTP requests directly with the server and puts returned information in exact place without need to reload entire web page for user. This technique uses XMLHttpRequest Object.

What is AJAX

In future to use AJAX and for this AJAX Tutorial you need to have basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML/XHTML web programming.

Now let start with first step of AJAX tutorial or more experienced users can handle with our AJAX Tutorials section.

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