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wget using authentication proxy on Linux

In this tutorial we will demonstrate something that most of you may need to use just for a few times in their Linux experience but will be very happy that such functionality existed at first place. Commong Linux users, including me, are not so used to get things through a proxy. Maybe used one some time ago but I have totally forgotten that such things as proxies even existed. Anyway in case one day it happens that you find yourself in a corporate network and need to download someting from the command line you will find yourself into some trouble. Not that you cannot download it quickly using a browser but for example in my case it was a script that I had to make work. For such cases after you finish reading this tutorial you will know how to configure wget for using proxy with basic authentication.

There are two ways for wget to pick up the proxy server hostname. One way is from the environment variables and another way is via the wget configuration file.The main and only configuration file of wget is located in etc directory Read the rest of this entry »

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