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50GB for free for iOS users

iDevice users can get 50GB of online storage for free by simply installing an app for their devices. The deal is offered by as blog stated. What is even more appealing is that the app is offered for free. The supported devices are iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The users need only to download the app and create a free account. If they already have an account, merely signing in will give them the free 50GB.

The promotion is active until December 2, but your get to keep your space forever.

The best part of the promotion is that once you get the free space it is available from anywhere you log into your account, the service is not limited to your iOS device.

But what exactly is It is a cloud-based service, providing storage in a way similar to Dropbox and SugarSync. Along with uploading, downloading and online access to you files, you can share them and stream video and audio to your mobile device.

The newest feature of the app allows users to stream their files from their iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to their Apple TV via wireless.

And of course there is always bad news. And here it is the one with’s promotion. Upload is via a web interface (which is not very convenient) or via your iDevice (which is limited to photos only). There is a client that is similar to the Box Sync client for Dropbox, but it’s available only for those who purchase Business or Enterprise editions.

That said, the lack of desktop client for, does minimize the appeal of the promotion, but after all it’s 50GB for free. So what do you think? Is the promotion worth it even without desktop synchronization or is manual upload to tough for you?

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How to use Higosoft Web Player

Higosoft Web Player is a easy-to-use and intuitive web video authoring tool and flash video player, which could help you embed and publish amazing video online, so that you could stream and play various on your website.

It provides you a great to publish video tutorial, video presentation, video clip online, such as share favorite video, publish online video tutorial and guides, publish movie trailer. Read the rest of this entry »

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