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Comparing documents in MS Word 2007

When a document is prepared by several people the most common result is to end up with several versions of the document. Fortunately, MS Word has a built-in feature which allows you to compare two documents marking differences between them in a quite comprehensible way.

First open MS Word. Press the Compare button located on the Review tab in the Compare group in the Ribbon:

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Creating custom brushes in MS Paint

This tutorial is about how to create custom brushes in MS Paint.
Although MS Paint is often called bad names and is often neglected, it is actually a pretty good image editor. Here we will show you a quick trick you can use to create your own brush in MS Paint.
First draw a little picture like so: Read the rest of this entry »

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Detailed Gamma 2.2 using in 3ds Max Tutorial.

Many artists, especially those who faced the rendering of the interiors noticed that with physically correct formulation of the lights there is an overall dark-fetched result in illumination. That is noticeable in the corners and on the shadow side of objects especially.

Tired of dark, discolored renderings with overbrights and black grays? Here\”s the description of how to get great saturated pictures in 3ds Max by setting only few parameters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Using the UNION, EXCEPT and INTERSECT operators in SQL

The UNION, EXCEPT and INTERSECT operators can be used to provide a single result set from multiple SQL queries. Using them we can easily manipulate results from different queries on different tables as long as they are provided in a uniform manner and follow a few basic rules.
The UNION operator is used for combining the results of multiple SELECT statements into one result set. Even though the syntax of the UNION operator is quite straightforward (you simply add UNION or UNION ALL between the SELECT statements), one must first understand a few basic principles to write a successful query. When using the UNION operator, all of the queries must return the same number of columns and the data types in the respective columns must be compatible. Let’s review a simple example using the Northwind database. Customers have a customer ID which is a string while employees have a numeric ID, in this case the employee ID must be converted to char: Read the rest of this entry »

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How to copy an MS Excel 2007 table to the clipboard as an image

Sometimes when using MS Excel it is quite helpful to be able to copy a table as an image. Whether because it is easier to upload on our website or it is easier to embed in our presentation, we use that. One way of doing that is by selecting our table, copying it and pasting it in MS Paint. This seems to work except for a few little annoyances. Now, let’s say we have this table: Read the rest of this entry »

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How to convert rows to columns (and vice versa) in MS Excel 2007

Quite often when working with MS Excel we enter a great amount of data just to realize that it will be actually better to switch rows and columns. The bad and tedious way to do this is by manually reentering the data. But lucky for us MS Excel has a built-in option for solving such problems. Consider the following table: Read the rest of this entry »

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Edit Any Website through Web browser

In this tutorial is not really going for real modifying of an website. This is not some kind of a hack or way to using a backdoor to the web server where is hosted the web site. But using this trick the user can handle some edit functions (depending on browser which he using) to preview the website with different image and text boxes locations, size, etc.

OK. With this tutorial I will show you How to Edit Any Website through Web browser. Let\”s start.

First open some website (for example: Wait web site for fully load in the web browser. Now copy and paste the code listed below in the navigation bar of your web browser. Hit enter.

This is just an innocent Java Script code which are using contentEditable and designMode DOM functions Read the rest of this entry »

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Oracle – Guess What I am Thinking?

Now I will show you one real magic. Here I will guess what are you thinking for. No cheat, no tricks, no illusion. OK. Now lets start.

1. First make a wish. Something which you desire, which you really wish. Something which you very strongly want to happen ( or not to happen ).

2. Think of some number. Number have to be in range from 0 to 99.

3. Make a sum from its both digits. Next mаke а subtraction of the sum, from the first number which you think for. Remember the result.
(For example: If you think 59, make: 5+9=14, 59-14=45)

4. Find in the table below the result and remember the symbol corresponding on the right of it.

5. Now. Think very strongly and deeply for this symbol! Think, think, think . . .

6. Now go down and click on blue square . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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jQuery for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorial (Part 2)

Here we will continue from previous part of jQuery for Beginners Tutorial.


The selectors in jQuery seems like this: $(…). By using them we can call elements by his name, id, class, tag (a, td, div) with initializing jQuery object.

If you have and DIV element and want by moving mouse over it, to execute some code, you can do this: Read the rest of this entry »

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Using MySql Group By Function

In this tutorial I will show you how to use Group By Function in MySql.

Group by is very powerful function which can help you to get an result from MySql database in very specific view, format and order. Later resulted data in this format, can be parsed for some other operations or manipulations.

In our example we will use freeware and web based PhpMyAdmin for database administration and manipulation. Read the rest of this entry »

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