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Go – a programming language from Google

Go is a brand new programming language coming from Google Inc.  Go is a compiled language designed to handle the issues that come with massive concurrent applications and to use effectively multi-processor systems. Go is an open source project.

The design of Go started in September 2007 and in November 2009 implementations of Go were released for Linux and Mac OS X. In 2010, Rob Pike, one of the designers of Go, stated that “at Google, Go is used for real stuff”.

At first, Go looks a lot like C++. Sure, it borrows a few features, like garbage collection, from Python. “Python meets C++” as TechCrunch’s article on Go is entitled.

According to Google, Go is extremely fast and is comparable to C and C++ code. In a video, it is demonstrated how the entire language compiles in 10 seconds (that is 120 000+ lines of code).

Google Inc. also states Go is type safe and memory safe. For example random array access can be done with slices which know where their limits are. Like many languages, Go offers run-time reflection.

Google also states that Go has the smoothness of a dynamic language with the speed of a static language.

Google have explained their motivation for creating Go. According to them, the computing scenarios have greatly changed for the last few years, yet no major systems language has emerged.

It is true that most of the languages don’t support garbage collection and/or parallel computations (at least not in their standards).

If Go sound interesting to you, currently there are two compilers for it – Gccgo [], a frontend to GCC, and a suite of compilers [] for AMD64, x86 and ARM.

If you have any experience or thoughts about Go, please share them in the comments!

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What is AJAX

This AJAX tutorial will teach you what is AJAX and how to use AJAX programming tools.

AJAX is coming from Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.

AJAX is programming technique combining client JavaScript code and Server-Side HTTP Requests. AJAX stands more popular in 2005 with Google Suggest. Read the rest of this entry »

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