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Strip SSL with Apache mod_proxy part two

Greetings, reader.

This tutorial is the second part of the setup instructions how to Strip SSL part of a request with Apache mod_proxy. Lets remind you what the situation was. We have server A which has SSL support and can handle the initial request. Then we have server B which is supposed actually to handle the request but doesn”t support SSL. The goal is to relay the request which landed on Server A and to pass it to Server B

You can read the first part of the tutorial here Strip SSL with Apache mod_proxy part one

So the first part ended up with configuring a virtual host to handle HTTP request on Server A.

Now we need to configure a virtual host to handle HTTPS requests. Open /usr/local/apache2/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf with your favorite editor.

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Strip SSL with Apache mod_proxy part one

Today I have faced a challenging situation. I needed to strip SSL from HTTP request to on of our servers platform and send it to another server without SSL. We use little tip as using Apache mod_proxy to implement this functionality.


We need to have apache with:

1. DSO support compiled (with mod_proxy support)
2. SSL certificate
3. configuration for Virtual Hosting
4. configuration for mod_proxy

By default our apache installations are with version 2.2.3 and we have support for DSO, this means if we have mod_proxy compiled for Apache 2.2.3 we can use without recompiling Apache from source and just put it in /usr/local/apache2/modules . If you need to compile new Apache instance we need to use configure options as follow: Read the rest of this entry »

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Exclude columns from text files using awk scanning and processing language

Today I have faced a problem that in its root is very basic but i have never ever thought of it. It was kind of hard to find the solution on the Internet on the first page of Google so I hope this article will be useful for some of you. And of course I hope it gets to first page on your search ;)

Ok lets tell you what I wanted to do. Every one one of us(here by ”us” i mean Linux/*nix users) knows knows about the console history. Just cause i do not know how to explain something like that I would rather show you. Read the rest of this entry »

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mod_rewrite – URL Rewriting Engine

This days we talking about SEO – Search Engine Optimization more often. This mean that we think about construction of the web site, its content and Search engine details. When your web site have dynamical content which are changed all the time, your web site will have url for each page like this:

But the Search Engines don”t take care for all the symbols after ? symbol. This mean that many of your web pages will stay not indexed.

To fix this we can use faster and easier to create "dumy" or "unreal" url of the webpages. This we can make with mod-rewrite Apache module and some regular expression scripts. In fact SEO friendly url like this:

can be translated like this: Read the rest of this entry »

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