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Enable on-demand tab loading in Firefox 8

Modern day websites and browsers are not very friendly to slow computers with little memory. However this is “by default”. There are a lot of fine tunings that you can make to a browser, which will improve its performance and your overall experience. One common source of badly utilized memory is all those tabs that you keep open from previous sessions instead of bookmarking them as Read later. But, Firefox 8 provides a mechanism for tackling exactly those tabs. Instead of loading them on startup, you can set Firefox to load them on-demand, that is, when you first click on them. In this short tutorial we will show you how to enable this feature in Firefox 8.

Open Firefox, click the Firefox button and select Options:

A new window will open:

Select the General tab:

In the When Firefox starts dropdown menu select Show my windows and tabs from last time. Also, enable the Don’t load tabs until selected option:

Click OK. Next time you reopen Firefox your tabs will not be preloaded.

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Segmentation Fault

One of the most common problems when making software is errors like \"Segmentation fault\" , also called SegFault. Here is what a SegFault is.
Virtual memory in a computer can be created in 2 ways: pages or segments. Paging means that the memory is divided in pages of equal size, containing words of memory in it. Segmentation means that every process has a segment of memory of needed size, with gaps of empty memory blocks between the segments. The operating system knows the upper limit of every segment, and every segment begins at a virtual address 0. When a program accesses a memory block, it calls a virtual address that the Memory Management Unit (MMU) maps to a real address. If the operating system sees that the requested address doesn\”t match any valid address in the segment, it will send a signal to the process terminating it.
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