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Japanese city migrates its entire website to Facebook

The first city to replace all of its public websites with Facebook pages is the Japanese city Takeo. Officials pointed the “open nature” of the social network as their main reason.

The social network was pretty slow to establish itself in Japan. The main reason for that is that users prefer anonymous services and hangouts.

City officials in Takeo, stated that when they used anonymous services, users posted rude (often mixed with a lot of profanity) commentaries which were not actually helpful.

“When people give their opinions or ask questions, they should take responsibility for this as adults, and this should be done using their real names” stated the mayor of Takeo Keisuke Hiwatashi. The page is setup so that anyone can see its content, but you must be registered to leave comments. Most of the materials are actually hosted on government servers, but are accessible only through Facebook.

According to city officials the whole migration cost 630 000 yen (around $8200). The transition was resisted by many people because they were not familiar with Facebook.

Takeo officials have already expressed their satisfaction, as pretty much all of the comments and complaints they have received are no longer meaningless aggressive criticism – exactly the opposite, they are actually quite reasonable.

However, in an online debate, many people have expressed their reservation and have criticized the choice of Takeo’s officials as it interferes with their right to state their problems and complaints anonymously.

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