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How to forbid downloading files with Internet Explorer

Assuming that if a user of a given machine has chosen Internet Explorer as his/her browser, one can conclude that the user is not quite aware of hat he/she is doing. So just to be safe, it may be a good way to prevent the user from downloading any files from Internet if he/she is using IE.
Naturally, to force such a strange behavior we will use a good old registry tweak. First, we will open the Registry. Open the Start menu and enter regedit in the start menu searchbox:

and hit Enter. The Registry Editor will open:

Using the left-hand pane, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3:

Note: The next step is optional as the value 1803 may already exist.
On the right-hand pane click anywhere except the Name column and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value:

Name the new value 1803:

Double-click on it and a window will open. Enter 0 in the Value data textbox:

Click OK and close the Registry Editor. To revert to your old settings simply delete the value 1803.
Note: This trick works for IE 6 through 9.

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pacman via authentication proxy on Archlinux

In this tutorial we will demonstrate you something that most of you may need to use just for a few times in their Linux experience but will be very glad that such functionality exists. Others, like me, are so used to get everything through a proxy that I have actually forgotten what was without it. Anyway in case one day it happens that you find yourself in a corporate network and for example Pidgin fails to log you in ICQ as a new version of the ICQ protocol has emerged. A quick pacman -Ss pidgin fails right away if the network is build up fine. For such cases after you finish reading this tutorial you will know how to configure pacman for using proxy with authentication.

There are few general methods to make pacman use a proxy. Most common are to enable the proxy via wget or curl. I do not know why I never liked curl so I will show you how to do it only with wget. This actually will make pacman use wget as application for download and on the other hand we will setup wget to use the proxy. If you would need to download andything else with wget then you will be able to do it right afer we finish with the tutorial.

Ok the files that you will need to edit are two. First one and most important is /etc/wgetrc and second one is /etc/pacman.conf.

Here is what you need to set in wgetrc. Read the rest of this entry »

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wget using authentication proxy on Linux

In this tutorial we will demonstrate something that most of you may need to use just for a few times in their Linux experience but will be very happy that such functionality existed at first place. Commong Linux users, including me, are not so used to get things through a proxy. Maybe used one some time ago but I have totally forgotten that such things as proxies even existed. Anyway in case one day it happens that you find yourself in a corporate network and need to download someting from the command line you will find yourself into some trouble. Not that you cannot download it quickly using a browser but for example in my case it was a script that I had to make work. For such cases after you finish reading this tutorial you will know how to configure wget for using proxy with basic authentication.

There are two ways for wget to pick up the proxy server hostname. One way is from the environment variables and another way is via the wget configuration file.The main and only configuration file of wget is located in etc directory Read the rest of this entry »

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Microsoft vs European Union – so silly.

Microsoft vs European Union - so silly.

As it became clear recently, Microsoft should have to swallow a bitter bit coming from the EU. A new restriction for their Windows 7 is on its way to provoke a small revolution in the IT industry. Here in Europe we will have Windows without the legendary blue icon of Internet Explorer. The scandalous news came out last month and it surely promises a “hot” summer for the Microsoft’s legal consultants from their European headquarters in Paris.

The people from the IT-giant promised that PC makers and users shall have an easy way to download and install the browsing program. However the European Commission stroke back by announcing that this might be an insufficient effort by the company to calm down all accusations that they are “abusing” their market position.

The management officers at Microsoft seem to be confident that the new product will appear on the market as planned and their won’t be any delay in launching Windows 7 at the same time as it launches in the rest of the world. They also mention that they need to make sure that this new product is in compliance with the European competition laws and despite the fact that such separation of the Internet browser from Windows is not their first choice, they see it as a fair solution. Of course, the bureaucrats from Brussels came out with additional obstructions and obstacles before Microsoft’s flexible idea with the mysterious remark "It would also have to consider whether this initial step of technical separation of IE from Windows could be negated by other actions by Microsoft". Why did no one say anything like this some twenty years ago when Internet Explorer changed the world?!

As common sense dictates, Microsoft offers another suggestion to the browser problem – to add browsers of their rivals. Actually this can work for all PC makers and the consumers that will make their first acquaintance with the new operation system from their newly purchased PCs. The great problem is for the consumers who just want to upgrade their existing PCs to Windows 7. Usually this can happen with an upgrade procedure, which preserves all data and applications, but not in this case. Because of the browser removal moving to the new version can only be done by a clean installation. Once they get it done (if they go wild and really do it) they can not download any applications in an easy… because they don’t have a browser. Microsoft tries to be helpful by offering Internet Explorer in CD-ROMs in retail stores.

So maybe this is the moment when the flaming brainiacs in the European Commission has to ask themselves the following questions: what are competition laws necessary for; aren’t these laws purposed to protect the consumers; how for God’s sake is this “browser problem” useful for the consumers. Sometimes bureaucracy and formalism can reach amazing pathological levels and a man with common sense can get the impression that it can be healed only by a quick brain surgery. It is ridiculous to put Microsoft on the frontline for “abusing the market” by having their legendary web-browser in their even more legendary Windows system. Soon we can expect the EU to fine the United Kingdom for the fact they have sea and in this way they abuse the fish market, because countries like Austria, Hungary and Slovakia are quite “sealess”. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Install Joomla CMS

To install Joomla, you have to support PHP and MySQL on your web server. To be sure for this first check your web server for this services.

You have three variants for Web Hosting. First, to use free web hosting (in most cases this will have some limitation). Second is to use payed web hosting. And the last variant is to host the Joomla in your own computer configured to use web server software.

If you select the last variant you can download XAMPP which is all-in-one packet with Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, etc.

Next you have to download installation files for Joomla Read the rest of this entry »

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