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Changing the default file save location in MS Word 2007

MS Word 2007 stores your documents in the Documents folder (if you are using Vista or 7, and in the My Documents folder if you are using XP) by default. But as messy as it is, I still prefer to save my files on the Desktop (other users may prefer other folders). And always navigating to it when I save a file is extremely annoying. Until… I found out that I can modify that behavior and I can change the default file save location.

First, open MS Word 2007. Press the MS Office button and select Word Options:
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How to change the location of the My Documents folder in Windows XP

By default, the My Documents folder is located at:. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stop the Guest Account

Windows XP like any other modern operation system works with users accounts with entire support and management tools of user account.
Also like other operation systems Windows XP have pre-setuped ”Guest” account which is some kind of basic, limited account with predefined low privilege abilities.

Nevertheless of this basic user abilities, this Guest account can be used by some harmful attacker for bad purposes about your system durability.

For this case we will stop this account and he will be unavailable for any access in any login of your Windows XP operation system. Read the rest of this entry »

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