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Disable favicons in Firefox

Favicons are the little icons that appear on each tab in your browser. Although they can help you find which site you have opened in a given tab, when you have a lot of tabs opened, they can really, really annoy you if the site designers have decided that a blinking favicon is the way to go. That is why, Firefox allows users to disable favicons in a rather easy way.

Open Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar. Firefox will warn you that you can really mess things up if you are not careful.

Click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button and the configurations will open:

In the Filter textbox enter

Double click on the preference to set its value to false:

Do absolutely the same for the preference:

Restart Firefox and you are done.

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Google Chorme, a new way of surfing

Google Chorme, a new way of surfing

I have been using Google’s new product for about 4 months now and today I will share my experience and my opinion about this new browser.

Of course the first reason why I have decided to try Google Chrome is because I really hated how slow Firefox was under Linux. Yes that is the root cause of switching. I’m not saying that Firefox is a bad browser just it is slow. And maybe the reason for it being slow is the bad flash support under Linux. No flash blocker doesn’t help much. Maybe JavaScript is also slow. I cannot say for sure what causes this feeling but it definitely is there.

So from here it is 1:0 for Chrome. Google’s browser is much faster than Firefox and that is the fist reason I liked it. It most likely is because of the lightweight lookout and design. I find it very convenient and very intuitive. One bad part is that by default it comes with its own coloring scheme. I’m using computers for so long time that I hate teh default views of pretty much everything. I like the dark colors and this bluish browser was just about to get deleted but …. the great tabs saved it. Really how simple is was to put the tabs on top of the window. It saves so much space and makes it really easy to focus on the window title.

The inCognito mode is also something pretty cool for security paranoid freaks like me. inCognito tells the browser to not store any temp files, history files, and cookies on your hard disk. Simple but yet efficient feature.

There are some other cool features that you will find in Chrome but it is normal that new software will introduce new features. The only thing that I miss from Firefox is that great amount of plugins that were available. But I’m sure with the time some of the good plugins will get their versions for Chrome ready for download.

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Setup proxy in Google Chrome in Windows

In this tutorial I will show you how to set you Google Chrome browser to use a proxy server. The tutorial is very basic and will guide you in four simple steps how to set the proxy. The operating system used is Windows XP and we have installed version of Google Chrome browser.

The prerequisites for this tutorial are:

1. Windows XP
2. google chrome installed and functional
3. that you have the proxy settings and confirmed them working

Step 1:
Start Google Chrome browser and go the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu. Click on Options Read the rest of this entry »

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Google OS – let us hope the consumer will win in the end

Google OS - let us hope the consumer will win in the end

It”s already nine months since Google launched its browser – Google Chrome. According to the estimations over 30 million people use the new browser on a regular basis. Google Chrome is targeted to people who spend more than the average time using the web for wide range of purposes – news updates, e-mails, chatting, searching for information or shopping.

Taking this success into account it is more than a natural step for the world”s No1 search engine producers to take the opportunity and produce a new operating system, which would be a reflection of the development of the web. It is a fact that most operating systems were designed in a time when the web did not exist at all. So Google announced its intentions and thus they have the consumers” eyes on them once again. The project is for a lightweight operating system and it was also said that the producer is already talking to partners and have the intentions to use the ideas of the entire web-community. Now this is an approach, which shall definitely lead to a consumer-friendly product and the expectations would be very high. It is obvious that the first key for its success will be the simplicity, which shall be proven by minimal interface. The second key – the speed – is to be achieved by a fast and lightweight OS, which purpose shall be to get someone onto the web for just a second. The last important issue that Google Chrome would have to deal with is the security, which would be guaranteed by a newly designed underlying structure of the OS itself, so viruses, malware and security updates won”t be a problem for the consumer anymore.

As Google announced – the software architecture shall be simple. It”ll be Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. All applications based on working in the web will work automatically on Google Chrome OS as well as on any other standard browser on Linux, Windows and Mac.

In the mean time the company clarified that Google Chrome and Android are two totally separate products as the last one being purposed mainly for phones and netbooks, and the first targeted to power computers such as netbooks and full-size desktop systems.

It is reasonable to say that this entirely new product will appear thanks to Google”s desire to expand more and more their products range and by this – their clients-base and market positions. Using the web as their own well-known tool to stay close to the consumer, Google manage to determine the current market needs and take advantage of its financial power, which helps the easy transition of every good idea into income-generating product. In the mean time Google is taking a huge challenge, because although they already showed their intentions to enter new markets by the introduction of the browser Google Chrome, they now step into a market, which has strong competition. Microsoft”s Windows OS is enormously well-established on the market as everyone knows, so crossing swords with them is an interesting clash to witness and a hard challenge to be beaten. Let”s hope it”ll be the consumer who wins in the end. Read the rest of this entry »

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