Stop the Guest Account

Date: July 13th, 2008
Author: Ivory Morhuld

Windows XP like any other modern operation system works with users accounts with entire support and management tools of user account.
Also like other operation systems Windows XP have pre-setuped ”Guest” account which is some kind of basic, limited account with predefined low privilege abilities.

Nevertheless of this basic user abilities, this Guest account can be used by some harmful attacker for bad purposes about your system durability.

For this case we will stop this account and he will be unavailable for any access in any login of your Windows XP operation system.

Please Note that If you login in Windows XP with Guest account you will bi limited to the abilities:

– No need to enter a password.
– No possible for you to add software or hardware.
– You cannot change your current account type.
– You cannot set a password for the account.
– You cannot set the Guest account picture.
– You cannot access the applications installed already on the computer.
– Files in the Shared Documents folder will be unaccessible for you.
– Files in the Guest profile will be unaccessible for you.

But let”s continue with Guest Account disabling. To do this go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.

Stop the Guest Account

Next find Guest Account from icon list displayed down-right in the window and click on Guest account to display Guest account properties.

Stop the Guest Account

This is a special, system account, which cant be deleted or changed. You can only disable this account.

Click on ”Turn off guest account”.

Now your Windows XP system is more secured and any attacks using Guest account will be impossible.

Stop the Guest Account

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