Secret Skype smiles

Date: December 11th, 2008
Author: Ivory Morhuld

As you may have seen already, the developers of the most popular messenger and voice software in the last few years, have created some unofficial smiles that can be used in Skype chat. In our tutorial we will try to demonstrate you how you can use the secret Skype smiles.

In the table below the first column shows how the static Skype smiley looks like. The second column is showing how the Animated Skype smiley looks. The last two columns are description and the of code of the secret Skype smiley. The last column here is very important. There is no other way to use the secret Skype smiley than to use the code in the last column. Use it as it is. Simply copy and paste. And now I give you the secret Skype smile codes (including new smiles from Skype 5.5). Enjoy!

Static Skype Smile Animated Skype Smiley Name Skype smile text code
Mooning (mooning)
Finger (finger)
Bandit (bandit)
Drunk (drunk)
Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Toivo (toivo)
Rock (rock)
Headbang (headbang)(banghead)
Bug (bug)
Fubar (fubar)
Poolparty (poolparty)
Swearing (swear)
TMI (tmi)
Heidy (heidy)
+= Skype 5.5 New Secret Smiles =+
High Five (highfive)(hifive)(h5)
Face Palm (Facepalm)(fail)
Fingers Crossed (fingers)(fingerscrossed)(yn)
Lalala (lalala)(lala)(notlistening)
Waiting (waiting)(forever)(impatience)
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
Working From Home (wfh)

For those who do not know the short codes of the non-secret skype smiles below is the list of the standard Skype smiles which you can copy and paste. Again, the first column is static Skype smiley, second column is Animated Skype smiley and the last two columns are equivalents description and code of Animated Skype smiley. There could be multiple ways to show just on icon so you can use any of the combinations in your Skype chat in the last column.

Static Skype Smile Animated Skype Smiley Name Skype smile text code
Smile :) :=) :-)
Sad Smile :( :=( :-(
Big Smile :D:=D:-D:d:=d:-d
Cool 8)8=)8-)B)B=)B-)(cool)
Wink :o:=o:-o:O:=O:-O
Crying ;(;-(;=(
Sweating (sweat)(:|
Speechless :|:=|:-|
Kiss :*:=*:-*
Tongue Out :P:=P:-P:p:=p:-p
Blush (blush):$:-$:=$:”>
Wondering :^)
Sleepy |-)I-)I=)(snooze)
Dull |(|-(|=(
In love (inlove)
Evil grin ]:)>:)(grin)
Talking (talk)
Yawn (yawn)|-()
Puke (puke):&:-&:=&
Doh! (doh)
Angry :@:-@:=@x(x-(x=(X(X-(X=(
It wasn’t me (wasntme)
Party!!! (party)
Worried :S:-S:=S:s:-s:=s
Mmm… (mm)
Nerd 8-|B-|8|B|8=|B=|(nerd)
Lips Sealed :x:-x:X:-X:#:-#:=x:=X:=#
Hi (hi)
Call (call)
Devil (devil)
Angel (angel)
Envy (envy)
Wait (wait)
Bear (bear)(hug)
Make-up (makeup)(kate)
Covered Laugh (giggle)(chuckle)
Clapping Hands (clap)
Thinking (think):?:-?:=?
Bow (bow)
Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
Whew (whew)
Happy (happy)
Smirking (smirk)
Nodding (nod)
Shaking (shake)
Punch (punch)
Emo (emo)
Yes (y)(Y)(ok)
No (n)(N)
Shaking Hands (handshake)
Skype (skype)(ss)
Heart (h)(H)(l)(L)
Broken heart (u)(U)
Mail (e)(m)
Flower (f)(F)
Rain (rain)(london)(st)
Sun (sun)
Time (o)(O)(time)
Music (music)
Movie (~)(film)(movie)
Phone (mp)(ph)
Coffee (coffee)
Pizza (pizza)(pi)
Cash (cash)(mo)($)
Muscle (muscle)(flex)
Cake (^)(cake)
Beer (beer)
Drink (d)(D)
Dance (dance)\o/\:D/\:d/
Ninja (ninja)
Star (*)

Here is shown how to send secret Skype smiles.

Secret Skype smiles

I have to agree that such little funny things make a simple piece of software stand out from the rest. Not that this is the only great feature of Skype but sill it makes our everyday experience with Skype slightly different. It does not matter if you use it for business correspondence or you simply chat with your friends.

Have a nice chat.

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