Oracle – Guess What I am Thinking?

Date: March 1st, 2010
Author: Ivory Morhuld

Now I will show you one real magic. Here I will guess what are you thinking for. No cheat, no tricks, no illusion. OK. Now lets start.

1. First make a wish. Something which you desire, which you really wish. Something which you very strongly want to happen ( or not to happen ).

2. Think of some number. Number have to be in range from 0 to 99.

3. Make a sum from its both digits. Next mаke а subtraction of the sum, from the first number which you think for. Remember the result.
(For example: If you think 59, make: 5+9=14, 59-14=45)

4. Find in the table below the result and remember the symbol corresponding on the right of it.

5. Now. Think very strongly and deeply for this symbol! Think, think, think . . .

6. Now go down and click on blue square . . .

Is this your symbol? The magic come true? You don\”t believe me? You think this is just a some coincidence and I am fall in incredible case of 1 / 100000000000 ? OK ! Take another shot. Strange . . . Now please repeat:

You are real Oracle. You are real Oracle. You are real Oracle . . . :-)

Take it easy. I am just kidding. But in fact, I really guess What are you thinking for. May be now your desire will come real . . .

If you want to make me to realize your desire, I want some little help from you. Send this web page to ten friends and may be your wish will come true . . .

Oracle - Guess What I am Thinking?

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Oracle - Guess What I am Thinking?, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

3 Responses to “Oracle – Guess What I am Thinking?”

  • lisa says:

    This is fun. But I can’t figure it out. How does it get every number right? If I cheat and think long about a random number on your grid, it does not work. However, if I go through the process it works…every time! amazing.

  • Spydoc says:

    Nice script. All numbers that can be a result from the equation have the same letter (symbol). Every time you press the blue box (or reload the page) will generate a new series of symbols but the result will always be the same. People which don’t know how it’s done will be amazed. :)

  • Dipankar says:

    Let a number be 10X+Y, substracting we get (10X+Y)-(X+Y)=9X, a multiple of 9. That is we get 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81 only.
    see the alphabet for the number set, expect the alplabet to appear on the box. Hope all your good wishes come true.

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