Installing Printer in Windows XP

Date: July 4th, 2008
Author: Ivory Morhuld

To work with your printer under Windows XP operation system first of all you have to install the printer with suitable printer driver.

This tutorial will show you how to install your printer and how to set up some of the printer features.

First of all you have to prepare your printer drivers. This must be CD or DVD disc which you already have from printer manufacturer or supplier. If don”t you can check for the latest drivers on manufacturer website.

Now let”s start. Click on Start button, next Control Panel and the window shown below will appear at the screen. Please note the window below is in new Windows XP style. If you like old classic style of Control panel click on top left in task pane.

Next click on Printers and Other Hardware Icon or Printer and Faxes in classic view.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

Now you can select Add printer… from Pick a task section or Printer and Faxes icon to continue with printer installation

If you select Printer and Faxes icon next click on top left in Printer Tasks and on Add Printer task.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

When to screen appear Welcome to the Add Pinter Wizard. Please read the note and skip the wizard if your printer is connected to USB or any other Plug & Play port.

If not click on Next.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

Now select Local printer attached to this computer for printer connected directly to your PC or select A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer for printer connected to your office or home network.

Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer option needs to be selected when you don”t have any information about your printer model and drivers.

Click on Next.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

Next select Printer Port from drop-down menu where the printer is connected or Create a new port.

Click Next.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

Now from the left list select manufacturer of your printer, and next click in right list on Printer model which you want to install.

Best result you can get if you have correct and updated Printer drivers on CD or DVD disc and click on Have Disc button to select this drivers.

When correct drivers are selected Windows will install the files and you will get new icon in Printer and Faxes section in Control Panel.

Installing Printer in Windows XP

When installation of drivers complete you can right click on Printer icon and select Properties from menu to setup the features and settings of your printer

Installing Printer in Windows XP

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