Install Windows Vista

Date: August 3rd, 2008
Author: Ivory Morhuld

Even you don”t think to install Windows Vista this time, you can add this tutorial to your bookmarks, because all we know that soon or later we have to install this OS.

1. Put the Windows Vista installation disk in your DVD drive. For this tutorial I will use Ultimate Еdition of Windows Vista, but installation steps are identical to other Windows Vista. If you sure your hardware permit all the requirements, you can skip next step.

2. To be sure your system pass Windows Vista requirements and have enough performance, click on Check compatibility in main window appearing after DVD disc is inserted. After this click on Download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, and when download finish run the application.

Before starting the procedure of analyzing your system, plug all external devices which you think to use with Windows Vista and click on Start Scan button. This Advisor will analyze your system for compatible hardware and performance requirements for Windows Vista. When process finish you can examine the results by clicking on See Details button. All problematic hardware will be highlighted for you.

With this tool you can decide which Windows Vista edition offer optimal service and performance for you and your system. If you can decide, take a look the list with differences of each editions by clicking on Compare Editions button. If you don”t see any problems and everything is fine you can continue with installation.

Install Windows Vista

3. Next click on Install Now. The setup will ask for downloading all updates, and I suggest you to answer Go Online on this step. Of course you don”t have internet access at this moment you can continue without downloading this updates. Later you can use Windows Update to download this updates.

4. Here you have to enter your product key which you already have when you buy Windows Vista and check Automatically activate Windows when I’m online. This will register your Windows Vista copy in Microsoft database which is needed to activate the product. No personal data will be sent.

5. If you don”t have product key you can continue without him, just stay the field blank. Setup will ask you again to enter the key and you have to press No.

6. If you don”t enter product key at step 5, now you have to select which version of Windows Vista you want to install. In may case I select Ultimate Edition.

It is important to select correct edition for which is assigned your product key, otherwise will have to preinstall for activating the OS. This have to be done until 30 days after the installation.

7. Here is the EULA agreement. After you read all clauses in the Windows Vista agreement, have to check where says: “I accept the license terms”, and to click on Next. If you accept the agreement of course.

8. At next screen you can choose to make new installation or to make upgrade from already installed previous version of Windows.

If you choose to upgrade, all your existing programs, documents, settings, etc. will be saved like they are and you can continue using him in Windows Vista. Pity, but you have to know that sometimes some programs can”t pass the upgrade procedure and they stop working after new version of operation system is installed. Please note if you want to upgrade from older Windows version you have to start the installation procedure in your current Windows. and not with booting the PC with Windows Vista installation disc.

For fresh new install select the option – Custom (advanced). From you here you can make also dual-boot configuration – keep the current OS parallel with Windows Vista. In this way, when you start your PC you can select which Windows you want to use.

In my case I select Upgrade.

Install Windows Vista

9. The setup will check already installed programs compatibility, and will note you for potential problems. Some programs (i.e. antivirus software, CD/DVD burning programs) can stop working in Windows Vista except they are specially designed for Windows Vista. If the setup found some problem programs, close the installation procedure, unistall this programs, and start the setup again.

10. The software programs which is possible to be unstable and can stop working in Windows Vista will be placed in Potential issues field. It is possible this filed stay empty with no-problematic programs, like in my case.

11. The Setup will start to transferring the files, needed for installation of Windows Vista. If the PC stop responding while the files is transferred you have to start the installation procedure again from the beginning.

This process will take around 1 hour depending the speed of your PC. Please note that your PC will be restarted several times. This is normal and you don”t have to worry about it.

12. When file transfer is finish Windows Vista Setup will be restarted. Next you have to choose that the system will set his protections. This will activate personal data keeper – (phishing), Automatic updates function and Anti spyware protection.

Next you have to set your Time Zone, current Date and Time. If Windows Vista found network card will be ask you for your network config. In my case I select Home network.

13. Click on Start, to start working with Windows Vista.

At first login you have to set Administrator password. Next if the system need drivers for some hardware she will ask you for the drivers.

Now you can set your Windows Vista depending on your habits and prefers.

And that”s All.

Install Windows Vista

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