Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

Date: March 29th, 2010
Author: Stefan Batanov

Google Chrome is a web browser descended from the Chromium open source project, managed and developed by the Google Inc.

This tutorial will show you how to install your own SSL certificate. Such certificates are widely used for personal identification, for example, for online banking systems. The certificate ensures that the person connection is the one who should only have access to the system.

To get to the proper place you must go to the browser Options. You click on Customize and Control Google Chrome menu then select Options

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

Once we have the Options menu opened we click Under the hood tab. Then scroll down to the bottom and we go to Manage Certificates button.

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

Next steps are pretty simple as the steps so far. On this new window you need to do is click onImport button. This will start a new wizard which will guide you in the process of importing your certificate.

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

Once you hit Import button a new Wizard will start. On the first screen you simply need to click Next.

Second step in the wizard is to choose the certificate file you wish to import. In our example we import a Personal Information Exchange-PKCS 12 file but Google Chrome supports pretty much all king of certificate formats.

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

On the next step Google Chrome will prompt you to type the password for the Certificate. The password for the certificate is yet another method for identifying that the certificate owner access it. This ensures that even of someone else has access to your computer and your browser it will be impossible for him/her to use the certificate even though it is installed on it. Any time you connect to the remote system that requires this certificate for identification you will be asked for the very same password.

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

Next two steps a re pretty straight forward. Just click Next and then Finish buttons and your certificate will be imported successfully in Google Chrome browser.

Install SSL certificate in Google Chrome

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