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Tighten Your Wireless Network Security In 3 Steps

Tutorial that will help you make sure your wireless network is secure. Tutorial describes how to use WPA2-AE for level of security and encryption. The three main points talked about are Password Protection, Hidden Network Name and the MAC Address Allow List Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S WAN Settings

If you want to use Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless router like Internet Gateway for your LAN Network you have to set the WAN Configuration.

To do this login to WEB Administrative Panel, go to Advanced at the top of the page and click on WAN Config, WAN Port.

First set Method for Acquiring IP Address for WAN port. This can be by Easy Setup, by DHCP Server of your Internet Provider, by PPPoE Client, by set a Fixed IP Address ot just Unnumbered.

Next you can set Default Gateway, DNS Server, WAN MAC Address and WAN Communication Format.

You can set a custom MAC Address if your Internet Service Provided has already locked your old (MAC Address of network card of your PC) MAC Address.

Note: Also you can set port for WEB Administrative Panel for accessing through WAN (Internet). Better is to leave this blank and to keep WEB Administration only available from LAN Side. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S LAN Config

We will continue with Buffalo WHR-G54S Tutorials and now I will show you Buffalo WHR-G54S LAN Config section.

When you login to administrative panel of wireless router go to Advanced ( at top of the page ), next open LAN Config menu from the left and LAN Port.

Here you can specify LAN Side IP Address or leave it Also you can connect Buffalo Wireless Router to existing LAN. Just type unused IP Address from this network.

The same thing you have to set for Subnet Mask. Leave default or set Subnet Mask of existing LAN.

If you want to use built in DHCP server enable it and set DHCP IP Address Pool from which IP addresses will be distribute to DHCP Clients. This IP address have to be from LAN Side IP Address.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S Network Setup

If you already have Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless router I think this tutorial will be helpful for you, for correct configure your home or office wireless network.

In this Tutorial I will show you Network Setup for Buffalo WHR-G54S.

After login to administrative panel of your router, go to Advanced at the top of the home page, next Network Setup and Route Info.

Here, be pressing Edit Routing Information you can edit Routering Settings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S Diagnostic

Buffalo WHR-G54S also have a Diagnostic from where you can check current status of the router and some information the past.

Go to web administrative panel on the router, click Advanced at the top menu and next click on Diagnostic >> System Info.

Here you can check general information about your Buffalo WHR-G54S router, your WAN, LAN and Wireless networks, IP and MAC addresses, encryption and wireless channel, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S Admin Config

In this tutorial I will show you how to set all administrative options for Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless Router. When logon to administration page go to: Admin Config >> Name/Password.

Here you can set AirStation Name up tp 32 symbols and root password. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless Security Config

If you want to use Buffalo WHR-G54S router for wireless connection with your desktop PC or notebook, it is good to make a proper settings for wireless and security options.

First go to administration panel of your Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless router. Obviously this is the first ( IP address in your LAN network. Then login with root account into web administration panel. next click on Advanced configuration button (at the top of web page). Now from left menu click on Wireless Config >> 802.11g >> Basic.. Here you have to set:

Wireless Radio – Enable

SSID – this is the name of your wireless access point. Enter some name or leave it to be default MAC address of the router.

Wireless Channel – set some channel from 1 to 11 or leave Auto Channel.

Wireless Mode – select desired wireless mode
Combination of 11g(54Mb) / 11b(11M) is good.

BSS BasicRateSet – default

Multicast Rate – Auto

FrameBursting – 125*High Speed Mode

802.11g Protection – On

DTIM Period – 1

Output Power – 100%
Depends on range you want to cover, but obviously 100% is good. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to setup a Linksys router

Linksys is a very popular manufacturer of inexpensive home routers. Linksys is a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Each model of Linksys router will differ slightly, but the general design is similar across all models. Therefore, the setup is similar across all models.
1. If your Linksys router is with wireless support you first must attach the antennas it
2. Look at the back of the router and find the port labeled "Internet". Plug the Ethernet cable from your Internet provider into that port.
3. Plug a second Ethernet cable into one of the other available ports.
4. The other end of that same cable must go to an Ethernet port on your computer. Read the rest of this entry »

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