3D Studio MAX – Step By Step

Date: April 1st, 2009
Author: Ivory Morhuld

3D Studio MAX - Step By Step

3D Studio MAX is may be the most popular, edge cutting and state of the art 3D graphics software for modeling, animation, texturing, lighting, simulations, motion capture, FX, etc. In the internet space exist may be millions of lessons, examples, guides and tutorials. People searching for knowledge about 3D Studio MAX are two types. First search for the exact tutorial for the exact problem and the second search just a "Step by Step" tutorials. They need no so professional guides with hi-end results, but a tutorials with main information for beginners without complex exercises. They just want to find How to Start with 3D Studio MAX.

This article is designed for the second type of people. With this article I will show you seven tutorials for 3D Studio MAX. Seven simple, with no need of deep knowledge for finishing tutorials. Seven tutorials which can give you general point about working with 3D Studio MAX.

Vase model in 3D Studio MAX
Simple tutorial for making vase object. Based on the easiest modeling – Shapes and Lofts.

Refraction glass material in 3D Studio MAX
Every object have a "material" properties. With this tutorial you can see how to define and assign glass material on the vase.

Melt crystal vase in 3D Studio MAX
Here is "animation" tutorial. With internal modifier "Melt" you can melt the vase from previous tutorials.

Breaking crystal vase animation in 3D Studio MAX
Typical situation of each glass object – Breaking the glass vase.

Planet Explosion FX in 3D Studio MAX
Stop with the vases. Sci-Fi? Why not. Like in Star Wars here we will blow a planet.

Volume Light in 3D Studio MAX.
Lighting is very important for realistic scenes. Lighting is tightly related with other effects like smoke, fire, etc. With this tutorial we will see the light.

Nuclear Explosion in 3D Studio MAX.
Very simple and easy for making, but classical nuke bomb explosion.

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